When you submit your manuscript to an editor,
you want the peace of mind that comes from
knowing it's in hands you can trust
Here are some of the authors who have trusted me*. 

Libbie Hawker 
"Elayne is one of the most important players on my business team. Consistent, timely, and always professional, her work as an editor makes mine as an author much easier and more enjoyable."

Tricia O'Malley (NYT Bestselling Author)
"Since bringing Elayne on board as an editor, I have been very pleased to see a significant increase in positive feedback on my books. Her attention to detail is fantastic, and I often find myself chuckling as I read through her comments on the side of my manuscript. She infuses the editing process with her own personal wit and charm, as well as extensive knowledge on a wide variety of topics. I have to say - editing is my least favorite part of writing and Elayne has managed to make the process enjoyable for me! I highly recommend her services."

Emma Savant
"Elayne is pure magic. I sent her a full trilogy at once, and her ability to keep tabs on the various threads throughout the books far outpaced mine. She has an incredible eye for detail: The number of times I found a note in the margins that said something like, "This character is mentioned as having hazel eyes in Book 1, page 42, but here it says blue" was... well, it would have been embarrassing, except she caught them all. She has a remarkable ability to edit without losing the author's voice, and has a keen sense for when the rules can be broken in order to capture a mood or characterization. 

"On top of all of this, she's a delight to work with. In between her entertaining margin notes and lovely emails, the chore of editing has turned into one of my favorite parts of the process. I'm deeply grateful to her for her kindness, professionalism, and mad editing skills."

Martin Jenner
"I was referred to Elayne by a very successful author. I was very pleased with how pro­fes­sional and rea­son­ably priced she was for the work I was seek­ing. I had found a few other edi­tors, but after review­ing her past notable work and her sample, I felt con­fi­dent that she had the expe­ri­ence and quality I needed. Elayne was very pro­fes­sional and friendly to work with, and actually taught me so much she could have charged me double. She was an absolute diamond and my first book would never have been what it was without her help. I wouldn't want anybody else working on Book II."

Antara Mann 
"As a non-native English speaker, I had a very difficult time finding the right editor -- the editor that makes the difference between a crappy self-published book and a good one. Elayne is that special editor. She gives 100% when working on your manuscript and doesn't just spot typos, sentences that need improvement, and inconsistencies in the plot, but also researches for factual errors and points out logical consequences."

Sarah Dalton
"Elayne is fantastic. She's eagle-eyed, thorough, and does a great job with my UK English. She's always professional, very communicative from start to finish, and a pleasure to work with!

Melanie James (NYT Bestselling Author, USA Today Bestselling Author)

Matthew Amster-Burton
"Elayne is fast, thorough, and funny, and my book would suck without her. Along with tons of other fixes and useful advice, she found a continuity error in my manuscript that I never would have spotted (but an annoyed reader surely would have!)."

Teri Riggs 
"Elayne does a great job with editing. I recently began using her and am delighted with her work. ... My stories have a great flow to them after Elayne works her magic."

*All names, URLs, and quotes are used with permission. Other references available upon request.