I offer a free, no-obligation sample of up to 800 words. Each sample will be delivered with a personalized quote and turnaround-time estimate.

Genre/word count/publication date - estimates okay

I am typically booked about two months in advance. However, if your MS is less than 30K, or if you need a proofread only, I may be able to fit you in sooner. I also sometimes have cancellations, so it doesn't hurt to ask!

Please submit 20-30 pages of your manuscript. Being able to see the sample in context helps me provide the most accurate turnaround-time estimate. I'll send back a representative section including both prose and dialogue if possible (and if you use an alternating POV structure, I'll try to get both POV characters).

If you are shopping editors, let me know, and I will sample the same section you are sending to other editors so you can better compare styles and results. 

Please include your estimated total word count, genre/subgenre, and scheduled/desired publish date. 

NOTE: You may paste the text of your sample submission into the "message" field if you like. Tested up to 25,000 characters (approximately 50 pages). You may also send an email/attachment to me directly at: serenityeditingservices@gmail.com

I usually respond to messages within 12 hours. Please allow at least 72 hours for finished sample edits.